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  • CVAD Alum Carl Finch heads the two-time Grammy winning band, Brave Combo.

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  • The CVAD Art Education Doctoral Program is a nationally ranked program, #13 in North America

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  • One of every fifteen students at the University of North Texas is a CVAD major! 

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  • UNT is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design

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  • Art Education faculty members Chris Bain and Nadine Kalin served on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Art Education, one of the most prestigious journals in the field.

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  • UNT‘s MFA program ranks in the upper 25% nationally according to US News and World Report

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  • CVAD‘s Communication Design students won nine of fifteen Best of Show prizes in this year‘s Dallas Society of Visual Communication 4th Annual National Student Show.

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  • As of Fall 2008, all new CVAD MFA students will receive $1000 scholarships.

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  • In Spring 2008, CVAD donors sponsored over $50,000 in scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students!

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  • The CVAD NAEA student chapter won the 2008 Student Organization Distinguished Service award from the University

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  • The Department of Art Education and Art History prepares more art teachers each year than any other university in Texas.

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  • CVAD‘s Ph.D. program in Art Education is among the top-rated programs in the U.S.

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  • Recent graduates of the art history program have pursued advanced degrees at University of Texas, Tufts University, University of Rochester, City College of New York, University of Arizona, Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University.

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  • CVAD art historians were the first UNT faculty chosen to participate in UNT‘s Next Generation course redesign. This program is considered to be a national model.

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  • The Department of Art Education and Art History faculty includes presidents of three national and international professional societies and the 2006 Art Educator of the Year.

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  • CVAD offers regular opportunities to study and travel in countries such as China, England, Ireland, Russia, and Scotland.

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  • CVAD‘s Texas Fashion Collection includes over 15,000 fabulous dresses by designers such as Balenciaga, Dior, de la Renta, and many others.

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  • CVAD Art Education alum Susan Gabbard is the former president of the National Art Education Association.

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  • CVAD alum, sculptor, Jesús Moroles, is on the Board of the Smithsonian Institute

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  • “I learned a lot about the creative process for producing a complete original work.”

    - Jezzalie Gill (Drawing 1)

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  • CVAD‘s Texas Fashion Collection includes over 15,000 fabulous dresses by designers such as Balenciaga, Dior, de la Renta, and many others.

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  • CVAD Art Education alum Susan Gabbard is the former president of the National Art Education Association.

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  • CVAD alum, sculptor, Jesús Moroles, is on the Board of the Smithsonian Institute

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  • Interior Design MFA student Greta Buehrle was named one of two IDEC Foundation Graduate Scholars for 2009.

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Art Education


Generally speaking, the discipline of art education concerns itself with the theory and practice of teaching art to others. At the undergraduate level, a degree in art education or visual arts studies prepares one for a career as an elementary, middle and/or high school art teacher and for careers in community art programs and other educational facilities. A master's degree in art education allows students to further their knowledge of art education practice and research and to focus on a specific type of art education (such as art museum education). Students pursuing a doctorate in art education research and develop new theories of art teaching and learning and prepare themselves to be researchers and professors of art education at colleges and universities.

Undergraduate Program

Our Visual Arts Studies degree program leads to a BFA with all-level teacher certification in art, accredited by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification. The program focuses on a comprehensive approach that includes the study of the theory and practice of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, and art making at the K-12 levels.

The program consists of 123 semester credit hours. Students wishing to pursue the visual arts studies major must enroll in AEAH 3753. Admission to this course is based on the successful completion of ART 1440, 1450, 1500, and 1510 and at least two of the of the required studio courses beyond the CVAD Core.

Acceptance into the visual arts studies program is competitive and occurs via an entry portfolio submitted during the Foundations of Visual Arts Studies course (AEAH 3753). Admission to teacher certification, or Professional Development Sequence, requires junior status, a 2.75 grade point average (both UNT and cumulative), and successful completion of the THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment).

Graduate Program

The Department of Art Education and Art History offers both the Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in art education. These programs are highly individualized. Consequently, courses beyond the core requirements are not specified and are chosen in consultation with the graduate students' major professors to best meet the students' goals. Graduate students also have the options of simultaneously earning all-level teacher certification in art or seeking certification in art museum education or arts leadership.

Master's Program

The M.A. in art education offers three separate program options, and required background for admission depends upon the option the applicant intends to pursue. Option I is for K-12 certified art teachers wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills, Option II is for those who desire careers as educators in an art museum, and Option III is for those who wish to obtain EC-12 teacher certification in art while acquiring a graduate degree in art education. All options require applicants to have completed a bachelor's degree in the visual arts or related field. Those applying for Option III (teacher certification option) must have taken at least 24 semester credit hours of studio work and at least 12 hours of art history of which 6 must be at the advanced level. Applicants without the recommended background for the option that they intend to pursue could be denied admission or accepted on a conditional basis, provided undergraduate coursework in art and/or art education, as assigned at time of acceptance, be completed prior to beginning any graduate-level work.

  • Further M.A. information and application instructions are available in PDF Format: M.A. Application Info (opens in a separate window).
  • Specific course requirements for the separate program options in the M.A. in art education are also available in PDF Format: M.A. Tracks Chart (opens in separate window).
  • The M.A. art education program manual is available in PDF format: AE Program Manual (opens in a separate window).

Onstead Master Fellows

Jody and Charles Onstead Master Fellows Fund supports selected MA art education students with full tuition (9 hours per semester) and fees, as well as other educational expenses for one year, with the possibility of re-application for a second year. The fellowship supports outstanding Master of Arts graduate students who intend to pursue careers in art education, with preference given to students intending to teach art in the elementary setting. Applicants must be pursuing the MA in Art Education, Track III (art specialist certification) or already hold teacher certification and be pursuing the MA in Art Education, Track I.

To apply, applicants must apply to the graduate program via AND send to the department the following materials by the February 1 deadline:
  • a curriculum vita/resume
  • a writing sample
  • examples of work that demonstrate academic potential for excellence in art creativity (images of artwork, for example) and the teaching of art in the classroom (such as a teaching portfolio)
  • two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's integrity and professional/academic potential, sent directly to the department
  • an essay or statement of purpose outlining the applicant's teaching aspirations, desire for a career in art education, and exceptional record in human services and general intent toward philanthropy
  • if the Fellowship Applicant is applying for a second Fellowship award, the Applicant must write an additional essay stating how the initial Fellowship benefited his/her career aspirations. Such Applicant will be treated the same as a first-time Applicant. Students may only receive this Fellowship award twice.

For more information, contact

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program in art education is individualized according to student interest and faculty expertise. In consultation with a faculty advisor and committee, Ph.D candidates design original research projects that make significant contributions to the theory and practice of art education in schools, museums, and communities. The degree requires a minimum of 60 hours beyond the master's degree and includes:

  • 12 credit hours of doctoral core art education courses
  • 12 credit hours minor or specialization
  • 15 credit hours in research methodology and theorical framework
  • 9 credit hours in electives
  • 12 credit hours of dissertation

Further Ph.D. information and application instructions are available in PDF Format: Ph.D. Application Info (opens in a separate window).

The Ph.D. art education program manual is available in PDF format: AE Ph.D. Program Manual (opens in a separate window).

Incoming UNT Doctoral Student Scholarships

New doctoral degree students are eligible for several generous financial packages ranging from single- or multi-year tuition and fee full scholarships plus stipend, to tuition and fee scholarships plus teaching assistantship or fellowships, to paid assistantships. These competitive packages are available through different application procedures. Consult the department office for more information.

New doctoral students are additionally eligible to receive $1,000 Academic Achievement Scholarships for their first year of study. This scholarship qualifies a student for in-state tuition rates and is renewable for a second year if the student makes satisfactory progress in his/her program during the first year. Contact the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies for more information.

Art Museum Education Certificate

Certification in art museum education is designed to provide professional training for those who desire careers in areas of art museum education and expertise in the use of art museums as education resources for school educators. The University of North Texas is ideally situated to serve as the site for a professional training program in art museum education. The North Texas area offers rich museum resources for study and practice in the field; bolstered by UNT's experienced faculty, course offerings, and educator-training opportunities.

The program consists of eighteen credit hours, including seminars in the history and theory of art museum education, current practices in museum education, roles and functions of art museums, political action and advocacy in the visual arts, and a six credit hour internship in an art museum. Art museum education certification is designed to be pursued in conjunction with a graduate degree in art history, art education or studio art. It can also be pursued alone with permission from the Department of Art Education and Art History.

Graduate Academic Certificate in Arts Leadership

The Certificate in Arts Leadership is designed to provide graduate students in the visual arts and music with special preparation in arts leadership. Within a broad definition of leadership as "a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal," the Certificate in Arts Leadership addresses four essential components: (a) opportunities to become a credible professional, (b) opportunities to become thoroughly grounded in the issues facing the arts and arts education, (c) opportunities to understand the broad spectrum of constituents with whom arts leaders must interact, and (4) opportunities to develop specific leadership skills.

PRIDDY SCHOLARSHIPS: Visual Arts and Music

The Priddy Scholarships in Arts Leadership were established in 2010 through the generosity of the Robert and Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust and the Texas Research Initiative Program. Recipients will be slected from applicants in Visual Arts and Music who are enrolled in the Arts Leadership Certificate program.

Recipients will receive awards of up to $10,000. Recipients may also re-apply for additional support.

To apply for the Scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be accepted into the Toulouse Graduate School at UNT
  • Must be accepted into the Arts Leadership Certificate Program at UNT
  • Must be enrolled in a graduate program at UNT in either Art or Music
  • Must be enrolled in 9 graduate hours or more (students with less than 9 hours remaining in their degree requirements are exempt from this requirement)

Contact us for additional information.

Applications for the 2012-2013 Scholarship year are due Feb 1, 2012.

NAEA Student Chapter

The UNT NAEA Student Chapter is an active group dedicated to promoting art education. The purposes of this organization are: 1. To provide a smooth transition from art education preparation to professional practice; 2. To raise and maintain a high standard of quality of art education on campus and in the community; 3. To gain greater insight and perspective about the teaching of art and contemporary concepts in art education; 4. To sponsor field trips and speakers that will expand the professional understanding of art education in Texas and throughout the nation; and 5. To promote an exchange of ideas between other art education institutions of higher education. The NAEA Student Chapter is active in the greater DFW community, offering workshops and completing valuable community service projects. The group's efforts were recently recognized when they won the 2007 UNT Student Organization of the Year. Be sure to visit the official website of the UNT NAEA Student Chapter.

Faculty & Staff

D. Jack Davis, Ph.D. | Professor and Emeritus

| Email:

Terry Barrett, Ph.D. | Professor + Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone: 940-565-7467 | Email:

Dr. Terry Barrett joined the Art Education faculty in the Fall 2009 semester. Full Curriculum Vitae

Laura Evans, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Phone: 940-369-5377 | Email:

Nadine Kalin, Ph.D. | Asst. Prof. + Undergrad Program Coordinator

Phone: | Email:

Nadine Kalin teaches courses in the areas of art museum education, pre-service teacher preparation, and theories and methods of art educational research. She is also involved in mentoring students in the master's and doctoral art education degree programs as well as the art museum education certificate. Her accomplishments include presentations at numerous national and international conferences, published papers in conferences proceedings, chapters in books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and two single-authored books. Her research interests include mentorship, arts-based educational research, art teacher and museum education, in-service art teacher learning, along with curriculum studies. Dr. Kalin graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2007. Full Curriculum Vitae.

Amy Kraehe, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Phone: | Email:

Adetty Perez de Miles. Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Phone: | Email:

Nancy Walkup | Interim Director NTIEVA

Phone: | Email:

Denise Baxter, Ph.D. | Department Chair

Phone: 940-565-4777 | Email:

Betsy Snethen | Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 940-565-4777 | Email:

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