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  • CVAD Alum Carl Finch heads the two-time Grammy winning band, Brave Combo.

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  • The CVAD Art Education Doctoral Program is a nationally ranked program, #13 in North America

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  • One of every fifteen students at the University of North Texas is a CVAD major! 

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  • UNT is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design

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  • Art Education faculty members Chris Bain and Nadine Kalin served on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Art Education, one of the most prestigious journals in the field.

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  • UNT‘s MFA program ranks in the upper 25% nationally according to US News and World Report

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  • CVAD‘s Communication Design students won nine of fifteen Best of Show prizes in this year‘s Dallas Society of Visual Communication 4th Annual National Student Show.

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  • As of Fall 2008, all new CVAD MFA students will receive $1000 scholarships.

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  • In Spring 2008, CVAD donors sponsored over $50,000 in scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students!

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  • The CVAD NAEA student chapter won the 2008 Student Organization Distinguished Service award from the University

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  • The Department of Art Education and Art History prepares more art teachers each year than any other university in Texas.

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  • CVAD‘s Ph.D. program in Art Education is among the top-rated programs in the U.S.

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  • Recent graduates of the art history program have pursued advanced degrees at University of Texas, Tufts University, University of Rochester, City College of New York, University of Arizona, Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University.

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  • CVAD art historians were the first UNT faculty chosen to participate in UNT‘s Next Generation course redesign. This program is considered to be a national model.

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  • The Department of Art Education and Art History faculty includes presidents of three national and international professional societies and the 2006 Art Educator of the Year.

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  • CVAD offers regular opportunities to study and travel in countries such as China, England, Ireland, Russia, and Scotland.

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  • CVAD‘s Texas Fashion Collection includes over 15,000 fabulous dresses by designers such as Balenciaga, Dior, de la Renta, and many others.

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  • CVAD Art Education alum Susan Gabbard is the former president of the National Art Education Association.

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  • CVAD alum, sculptor, Jesús Moroles, is on the Board of the Smithsonian Institute

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  • “I learned a lot about the creative process for producing a complete original work.”

    - Jezzalie Gill (Drawing 1)

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  • CVAD‘s Texas Fashion Collection includes over 15,000 fabulous dresses by designers such as Balenciaga, Dior, de la Renta, and many others.

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  • CVAD Art Education alum Susan Gabbard is the former president of the National Art Education Association.

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  • CVAD alum, sculptor, Jesús Moroles, is on the Board of the Smithsonian Institute

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  • Interior Design MFA student Greta Buehrle was named one of two IDEC Foundation Graduate Scholars for 2009.

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UNT CVAD - Images

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CVAD Student Information

This section includes links to important information for current students in CVAD. Links will be added and updated throughout the year. Please check back regularly! For information on events and activities, see Like CVAD on Facebook and subscribe to Stories from the Avant-Garde, our monthly e-newsletter.

Effective fall term 2012, in addition to the university admission requirements, students wishing to major in any program in the College of Visual Arts and Design must meet minimum academic requirements to be classified as a pre-major.  For entry review details go to NEW CVAD ADMISSION STANDARDS For details on program reviews please go to the program page and review the curriculum sheet provided there.

Directions to CVAD (Word doc)

CVAD Facilities Map (pdf)

UNT Academic Deadline Calendar 2013-2014 (pdf)

Exterior Art Installation Application Form (pdf) Guidelines (pdf)

Model Release Form (pdf)

regional resources: ArtNSeek WorthGoing

Publication Release Form (pdf)

CVAD Tours

CVAD offers year round student-led individual and group tours of the college. For more information, and to sign up for a tour, please visit our tours page at Please click here to see our buildings and here for CVAD's Facebook page with information about current events.

Directions to CVAD and other useful guides are also available under CVAD Student Information. Or take the Virtual Tour and download the CVAD facilities and building directory (PDF) for information about each of the nine buildings housing CVAD programs and resources on campus. And while you are on campus, be sure to view the campus art collection by taking the Art Path.

Newsletters & Blogs

For in depth information on CVAD students, alumni, faculty, and activities, subscribe our monthly e-newsletter, Stories from the Avant-Garde


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CVAD Student Organization Blogs


ArtSpace Dallas - Linda Ohrn-McDaniel: A Decade of Design
54th Annual Voertman Student Art Competition - UNT Art Gallery

Students: Please take the time to thank your faculty HERE!


Dear Students, friends, and colleagues, 

Please visit for class schedules, registration information, calendars, and catalogs. And for CVAD information, watch our website and Facebook pages for announcements of new activities and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Stories from the Avant-Garde to keep track of our activities and accomplishments.

Happy Holidays!

After an icy last week of the semester and an even more icy start to finals week, a semester break will be a good thing!  UNT will close Friday December 20 and re-open ifor the Spring semester on January 2.  Registration for classes is available through January 9.  Have a good holiday season and we will see you in January!

CVAD will be hosting exhibitions in the UNT Art Gallery, the Cora Stafford Gallery in Oak Street Hall, the Lightwell Gallery, and the North Gallery all semester. We rotate shows weekly in the Lightwell, Cora Stafford, and North galleries, so there is a lot of variety. Watch the gallery website for current and future shows. A new item on our website is the "Featured Videos" which are focusing on visiitng artist, scholars, and designers this year.


Robert Milnes 2014

Robert Milnes
Dean, CVAD

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Employment at CVAD

Faculty Positions for Academic Years 2013-2014, and 2014-2015

CVAD is happy to announce the successful hiring of Greta Buerhle, Senior Lecturer in Interior Design and Visiting faculty member Mark Allen in Communication Design starting Fall 2013.  We are also happy to welcome Dr. Paula Lupkin, Assistant Professor in Art HIstory, who was on leave last year as a research fellow at Southern Methodist University.

This fall,  CVAD has announced eight faculty searches for appointment in January, 2014 and August, 2014. The positions include: 

 Art Education:  Associate, Full Professor (Fall 2014)

Communicaiton Design:   Assistant Professor (Fall 2014)

New Media Art:  Assistant Professor  (Fall 2014)

Art History:   Senior Lecturer (Fall 2014)

Drawing and Painting:  Senior Lecturer (Fall 2014)

 Figure Drawing:  Senior Lecturer (Fall 2014) 

Core Drawing:   Lecturer (Spring 2013 or Fall 2014)

Core Design:  Lecturer (Spring 2013 or Fall 2014)

For faculty position listings and application procedures, see the Career Site for UNT Faculty

Part Time Faculty Searches

Adjunct faculty are needed in all areas all year long.  Please contact the appropriate Department for information.  Adjuncts and Lecturers applying for Core positions (specificaly Design I & II; and Drawing I & II) should use this application and follow these Application Procedures (PDFs open in a new window).

Staff Searches

CVAD Staff searches are posted on the main UNT website under Human Resources, Search. See "College of Visual Arts and Design" or "Visual Arts" on the job posting search. Preliminary applications should be made on the UNT website. By November, we will post two new searches for a Facilities Manager and a Director of Advising.  Please see the sites listed above for details.  

Graduate Support/Employment

CVAD offers 23 tuition waivers to doctoral and MFA students each year as well as fellowships and assistantships in all areas. First and second year graduate students are eligible for competitive $1000 scholarships, which, if  awarded, provide waivers of out-of-state tuition costs. Graduate Students seeking information about scholarships, tuitition waivers, and/or wishing to work as TAs, TFs, or AAs should look on the Student Services page, Fellowships & Assistantships for information. (PDF opens) 

 UNT is an EOE/AA/ADA.

About CVAD

CVAD Building

Art has been a vital part of UNT since it was first taught in 1894, just four years after the institution was founded. Dr. Cora Stafford, an imaginative leader who served on the faculty and as director for four decades before retiring in 1964, played a major role in guiding the art program to the reputation it maintains today. Determined to keep the program aligned with new ideas, she hired young innovators on the faculty. These included James Prestini and Gyorgy Kepes, two early proponents, in the United States, of the Bauhaus system which endeavored to relate a new design approach to the world of technology and craft. Also on the faculty were Carlos Merida, the internationally known Guatemalan painter and muralist, as well as Octavio Medellin, the celebrated Mexican sculptor and painter. Students included Ray Gough, who became a noted interior designer and UNT professor, and O'Neil Ford, who became one of Texas' most famous architects.

Masters degrees were initiated in the 1930s and the first MS degree in art was awarded in 1937 to Ms. Ann Bookman Williams, a long-time art teacher in the campus demonstration school. UNT's modern art program has been one of continual growth. After World War II, professional programs in advertising art, fashion design and interior design supplemented traditional studio and art education programs. Following an extensive study of the arts in Texas by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in the 1960s, North Texas was designated as a major visual arts program in the State and was approved to offer the BFA, MFA, and Ph.D. degrees beginning in 1971. With the Southwest's demographic population shift in the late 1970's and early 1980's, enrollment increased dramatically. At the same time, the department's comprehensive art programs were being recognized for their quality.

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Featured Alumni

Interview with Matthew Metzger

Former North Texas artist Matthew Metzger recently responded to Tête-à-Tête, offering some insight into his calculated and beautifully detailed paintings.

Matthew lives and works in Chicago. He received his BFA from The University of North Texas and his MFA from the University of Chicago in 2009. Since then, he has exhibited at such institutions as The Smart Museum of Art in Chicago and the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, while mounting solo exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Sikkema & Jenkins Co. in New York, Arratia Beer in Berlin and Tony Wight Gallery in Chicago. He is co-editor of the publication SHIFTER, and is assistant professor of studio art at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

"I am interested in the correlation between Abstraction in painting and its dependency on the figure (the thinking, active and political body), both in regards to Abstraction's polarized history from the performing body (circa 1970), which now I see to be Abstraction's necessary subject, Metzger said."

Read the full interview at the

Read about our previous featured alumni on our alumni page.

For more information about alumni along with current faculty, staff, and students, follow CVAD on Facebook and subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, Stories from the Avant-Garde.

CVAD Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Mission revision!

In spring, 2013, the CVAD faculty, in consultation with our Advisory Board, adopted new statements of vision, mission, values and goals for the college. This was a first step in our Self-Study for renewal of membership in the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and an important step in aligning our activities within the new directions of the University and community.  We would appreciate your input and help in achieving these, so please let us know how we can improve and how you might be involved and help! 

Robert Milnes, Dean 



The College of Visual Arts and Design assumes a critical role in building North Texas into a world-renowned center for culture and education.


The College of Visual Arts and Design fosters creative futures for its diverse student population and the region through rigorous arts-based education, arts- and client-based studio practice, scholarship, and research. 


Together, students, faculty, staff, administrators, the college advisory board and alumni comprise the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD). The college is home to an adundant plurality of voices, visions, and aspirations. Nonetheless, we share common values and a sense of purpose. 


Our shared values and common sense of purpose draw us together and provide the foundation for our individual and institutional aspirations.   

Click HERE for a printable version of CVAD's complete Vision, Mission, Values and Goals Statement.


Student sculpture, Fall 2009

UNT Art in Public Places Program

UNT Art in Public Places Program

The University of North Texas inaugurated the UNT Art in Public Places Program in 2009. In 2010, a Percent for Art program was initiated at the university. The first artworks purchased under the APPP guidelines were paintings by CVAD graduates Mariko Frost and Sarah Williams which were installed in the General Academic Building in 2009. The first artwork commissioned was the UNT Multicultural Center Mural in Fall 2010. In Fall 2011, the commemorative sculpture "Spiriki"by artist Kent Ullberg was installed in the new Apogee Football Stadium. Currently, Percent for Art projects are being established for the Library and Discovery Park. The Art in Public Places Program was initiated by the University President's office and is administered by the Art in Public Places Committee. An inventory of art on campus was undertaken and the Art Path map created in 2010 to help people view the collection.

Completed Projects

  • Willis Library
  • Sage Hall
  • UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center

Current Projects

  • UNT Student Union - Click here to see updates on the UNT Student Union project.
  • Greek Life Center
  • Discovery Park, College of Engineering

Open Calls

Calls for Proposals will be announced as they become active.

Upcoming Projects

Requests for Qualifications or Calls for Proposals will be posted soon.

  • Dining Services, $44,886
  • Business Service Center Woodhill, $37,100
  • Discovery Park D- and E-Wings, $TBD

Artist Registry

The Art in Public Places Program established the UNT Artist Registry in October, 2011. This registry will be used by selection committees for upcoming projects. All artists are invited to submit their work, without charge, to the Artist Registry. The submission process also permits updating of entries, which we encourage the participants to do regularly. Registry procedures and more information about the registry can be found at

Art in Public Places Blogsite

Public art projects at the University of North Texas will be posted here and on the UNT Art in Public Places blogsite. Please check regularly for new projects and deadlines. We anticipate several projects a year through the Percent for Art program. The blogsite can be found at

UNT Art in Public Places mission and policies

The Art in Public Places Program mission. UNT Art in Public Places policy, and the campus Percent for Art policy are available as pdf. Files:

Mission Art in Public Places Policy Percent for Art Policy

UNT Committee on Art in Public Places Fall 2013 membership

The Art in Public Places program includes representatives of each of the major divisions of the University:

  • Robert Milnes, Dean, College of Visual Arts and Design (Chair)
  • Tracee W. Robertson, UNT Art Galleries Director (Co-Chair)
  • Victoria Decuir, Art in Public Places Registrar
  • Susan Sanders - Office of Advancement
  • Laura Beard - CVAD Faculty, Studio Art
  • Phillip Park- CVAD Faculty, Design
  • Terry Barrett - CVAD Faculty, Art Education/Art HIstory
  • TBD, UNT Student Government Association
  • Anna Pechinina, President, UNT Graduate Student Council
  • Sean Zeigler, URCM
  • Uyen Tran, Director of Organizational Development, Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Sharon Kirkpatrick, Facilites Maintenance
  • Terri Pierce, Construction Manager, Facilities Planning
  • Danielle Champagne, Staff Senate 
  • Keesha Trim, Risk Analyst, Office of Risk Management (Consultant Member)
  • Helen Bailey, Office of Facilities (Consultant Member)

Support CVAD

Gifts to the College of Visual Arts and Design at UNT allow the College to pursue excellence. These gifts insure that CVAD can attract top graduate and undergraduate students through Scholarships. These gifts also make possible CVAD's Visiting Artists/Scholar programs, Faculty Enrichment Opportunities, and support to each of the hallmark Institutes housed within the College of Visual Arts and Design. If you think your gifts aren't important, think again. Supporting CVAD through endowments or the Annual Fund helps secure the arts for future generations.

You can see our recent activities online or in the Avant-Garde. Better yet, get in-depth reports on the activities of our faculty, students, and alumni by subscribing to "Stories from the Avant-Garde," our monthly e-newsletter and hourly updates by visiting CVAD on Facebook. Please take a moment and join us in pursuing excellence. We value your gifts as they are an endorsement of the University of North Texas, College of Visual Arts and Design. If you have any questions, or you would like more information on how you can be a partner, please contact Susan Sanders, CVAD Director of Development at (940 565 4026) or Robert Milnes, Dean of CVAD (940 565 2987) for information. You may contribute to CVAD (and the program of your choice) online at: Give to UNT, or you may print out the Donation Form, and mail in with your gift to:

Mailing Address:

1155 Union Circle #305100
Denton, Texas 76203.

Special Appeals:

Join the Dress Circle and support the Texas Fashion Collection, and Fashion on Main.

Two scholarships at CVAD specifically benefit from your support through purchases of artworks. For information on supporting the Jack Sprague Communication Design Scholarship, see "Photography by Communication Design Professor Jack Sprague" .

For information on supporting the Jean Andrews Scholarship, see Jean Andrews Pepper Painting on the CVAD website under "CVAD Images" and the "Image Anthology"

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