CVAD T-Shirts

In conjunction with UNTCVAD's 2016 Preview Day, a CVAD T-Shirt Design Competition was held. Students were challenged to create proposed t-shirt designs that would reflect the great art and design work they do here at CVAD.

Cash prizes were given for the top three designs. The designs were allowed to have up to two colors, and had to include the CVAD/UNT logo on the shirt.

Pan Ector Industries, a Denton screen printing & design shop, was on-site at the 2016 CVAD Preview Day printing and selling the winning t-shirts.

2016 T-Shirt Design Competition

The three winning designs in the 2016 competition were:
1st place ($280 + T-shirt) - Ian Anderson
2nd place ($180 + T-shirt) - Po-Hui Chou
3rd place ($80 + T-shirt) - Kira Bruner

2016 CVAD T-Shirt Design Competition Winners


2015 T-Shirt Design Competition

We also held the design competition in 2015, and selected three designs.
Eric Cuellar
Blithe Parsons
Nathan Eclavea

2015 CVAD T-Shirt Winning Designs