Photo Documentation Room

At the Documentation Room, we will photograph and document artwork at no cost.

Photo Documentation Room, Fall 2017

ART 316


  • Monday & Wednesday
    12 noon - 5:00pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday
    12 noon - 6pm
  • Friday
    8:00am - 12noon
    1:00pm - 5:00pm

Hours are subject to change - please refer to available appointments on the scheduling system.

  • The Documentation Room is open to CVAD students, faculty, and staff. Part of the function of the service is to create a database of student work that the university can pull from when creating promotional materials. Because of this, you will be required to sign a release in order to have your work photographed.
  • In order to use the documentation room, you must schedule a 30-minute appointment. You can bring work of any kind, 2D or 3D. We will photograph no more than 5 pieces per appointment. If you have more pieces, feel free to schedule multiple appointments back-to-back.
  • We have cleats for hanging paintings on the wall, but other than that, we have no hanging or mounting supplies, so please bring your own. Please note that if your canvas stretcher has a beam in the center, it will not fit on a cleat.
  • After your session, we will have your photos ready for pick up within two business days.


  1. Click here to schedule an appointment.
  2. Select the medium of objects you wish to have photographed.
  3. Appointments are only available for the Documentation Room.
  4. Chose the appointment that fits your schedule within the open times - appointments can be made up to 14 days in advance.
  5. For questions regarding availability outside of posted hours, please contact for accommodations. Emails are answered during open hours.
  6. If you are unable to make an appointment during any of the above hours, CVAD IT Services has cameras and lighting kits available for checkout in the CVAD Computer Lab (ART 375).

Using the Photography Documentation Room:
• Do not attempt to enter the Photography Documentation Room by knocking on the door without an appointment or by going in with someone else to have your work photographed.
• Always have your student ID card with you – staff may ask to see your student ID card during your scheduled session.
• You are not allowed to bring guests or visitors into the Photography Documentation Room without permission.
• Only currently enrolled students in the College of Visual Arts & Design are allowed in the Documentation room.
• All users must leave the Photography Documentation Room at the end of their scheduled session.
• Please comply with the requests of the Photography Documentation Room staff members at the end of your session and during emergencies (severe weather, fire alarms, power outage, etc.).

Room Guidelines & Policies:
• Storage of supplies, equipment, props and other personal items in the Photography Documentation Room before, during or after your scheduled session is not allowed. If for any reason you need these items please be prepared to bring and remove them during your session.
• Users should never attempt to move, modify, repair, or borrow pedestals belonging to the Gallery without asking first.
• Users cannot modify, subtract, or add items to the room that may damage the equipment or cause changes to the room’s environment.
• If warranted, please consult with a Photography Documentation Room staff member for guidance about best practices and procedures in regards to photographing your work before scheduling a photography session.
• The Photography Documentation Room staff reserve the right to terminate any photography session that causes an undue disturbance and/or endangers the health and safety of the participants, staff or the artist themselves.
• The Photography Documentation Room is designated as a “dry” area. Please refrain from bringing works of art that have not had adequate time to dry to your scheduled photography session.

User Consent:
Students will fill out and sign the “Permission to Use Student Work” form as well as the titles and credit information for each of the works that will be photographed. The photographer must obtain the consent of any individual, including models, which will appear in or be the subject of the photograph.

Handling Rules:
The Photography Documentation Room staff will not hang, place, position or rotate artwork to be photographed. It is the responsibility of the user to handle the artwork and be present during the entire photography session. Cleats are mounted on the wall for quick hanging of 2D works. Please use the appropriate cleat for the size of your work. Works up to 90x75 inches can be accommodated. Works on paper will be pinned to the wall.

Sculptural Objects:
The Photography Documentation Room has a variety of digital light tents to document small and medium-sized objects. Larger objects will be photographed against a white backdrop. The user will need to make sure that large sculptural objects can fit through the door before a photography session is scheduled.

The hallway outside of The Photography Documentation Room must be kept clear at all times. The user is not allowed to stage or store artwork, props or pedestals in the hallway during a photography session.

Images for the Artist/Designer:
Students will receive photo files for their work that will be 11” on the long side, 300 dpi, with basic color correction as tiff files. Students will be able to pick up these files 2 working days after the work is photographed. Students will need to bring a thumb drive or removable hard drive to retrieve the files.