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With top notch facilities and internationally recognized faculty, the photography program at UNT fosters creativity and prepares students for successful art careers.

General Admissions & Pre-major Requirements

CVAD Undergraduate Program Admissions

All applicants to CVAD at UNT must first meet the requirements for a pre-major. In addition to the university admission requirements, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for admission:

  • Freshman applicants must have a verbal SAT score of 450 or higher, or a English ACT score of 18 or higher.

  • Transfer applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher.

  • Applicants have the opportunity to submit a one-page support document/image that may be taken into consideration during the admission process. At the time of application, this optional document/image should be submitted to https://cvadforms.unt.edu/cvad-entry-requirementsIf you meet or exceed the minimum standards for CVAD admission, you do NOT need to submit this additional document/image.

    Under exceptional circumstances applicants who do not meet the preceding requirements may be admitted into CVAD based on the strength of this optional support document.

Pre-major Requirements

In addition to the university admission requirements, students wishing to major in any CVAD program must meet minimum academic requirements to be classified as a pre-major. Admitted students will be classified as pre-majors and will be advised by Student Services in Art.

To be admitted to the major and be eligible to enroll in advanced art program courses, a pre-major must then meet the requirements for their chosen major.  Additionally, you must pass entry and mid-point reviews, which are specific to your chosen major.

Please see your concentration for more information on pre-major requirements.