The M.A. program in Art Education aims at creating a citizenry well-informed on educational issues, high-quality graduates in Art Education and a workforce well-prepared for teaching in a global economy.

The M.A. in Art Education offers 3 separate program options. Required background for admission depends upon the option the applicant intends to pursue.

  • Track 1: Art Education
    This general degree option is for EC-12 certified art teachers who want to enhance their knowledge of contemporary and past art forms and advance their skills in areas of teaching and learning in Art Education.
  • Track 2: Art Museum Education
    This concentration is designed to provide graduate students a broad introduction to teaching and learning about contemporary and past art forms in present day art museum education settings and knowledge of how research informs practice within the museum setting.
  • Track 3: Teacher Certification
    This option prepares students to go on to pursue teaching careers in EC -12 teaching environments. Students are prepared for all-level art teacher certification while acquiring a graduate degree in Art Education

All options require applicants to have completed a bachelor's degree in the visual arts or related field. Those applying for Track 2: Art Museum Education will also need to apply for the Graduate Academic Certificate in Art Museum Education. Those applying for Track 3: Teacher Certification must have taken at least 24 semester credit hours of studio work and at least 12 hours of art history, of which 6 must be at the advanced level. Applicants without the recommended background for the option that they intend to pursue could be denied admission or accepted on a conditional basis, provided undergraduate coursework in art and/or art education, as assigned at time of acceptance, be completed prior to beginning any graduate-level work.

The specific course of study for each of these tracks is available in the M.A. tracks chart. x