At the undergraduate level, we offer the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art History for students who choose to emphasize art history studies as part of a humanities degree. The program offers courses in methodologies, art history across the globe, museology, theory, criticism and cultural history of art.

The Art History program enhances your understanding of past and contemporary visual art forms. We teach you about global artistic production, relevant technologies, critical methods, learning theories and innovative approaches.

Administered by the Department of Art Education and Art History, the program provides classes that focus on:

  • visual and material culture of the late antique and medieval periods in Europe, the Islamic world and South Asia
  • visual and material culture in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas from the 16th to the 21st centuries
  • historiography, methodology and theory of art and visual and material culture since 1900

Faculty members have a wide range of specialties in art and architecture from different time periods and cultures, including art of the Americas, European art and architecture, Islamic and Middle Eastern art, Modern and Contemporary art, and South Asian art and architecture.

In addition, our expert faculty members address issues of colonialism, post-colonialism, geography, ritual and spatial analysis, race, gender and sexuality. They have distinguished themselves through quality teaching, research and numerous publications and presentations.

For more information, contact Professor of Art History and Art History Program Coordinator, Lisa N. Owen.