How to Become a Major

The undergraduate program in Art History welcomes students seeking to become Art History majors both as a stand-alone degree and as a double major, for example with a B.F.A. in a studio concentration or the B.F.A. in Visual Art Studies. In order to become an Art History major, you need to:

  1. Be accepted as a student in the College of Visual Arts and Design. Check out our Admissions page for more information about how to apply.
  2. Email the Department Student Coordinator at to discuss completing your degree plan.
  3. Go to the Registrar’s Office, located in the ESSC, and request a copy of all your transcripts to submit to the department with your degree plan. Your degree plan cannot be completed without these transcripts.

That’s it! And you can declare your major in Art History as early as your first semester at UNT.

If you have questions about the process, feel free to contact the Department of Art Education and Art History at