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We live in a world of images and the impact of the visual on art and society grows greater every day. Websites, magazines, films, television and public art surround us. What impulses drive us to make and desire these images? How do we understand them? What do they do? How do they make meaning in a diverse world?

The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies is a genuinely interdisciplinary study of art and design with coursework in such diverse fields as Anthropology, Film, Communications, Art History, and Sociology. The beauty of the IADS degree is its flexibility. You chart your course within the degree to explore aspects of art and design that interest you.

The program is divided among three tracks. Two of these are geared to specific areas of interest: Design Management prepares students to work with design firms as project managers while Arts Management provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to work within arts organizations including galleries and museums. The Open Track provides maximum flexibility for students seeking to chart their own course for careers in design, studio art, art law, art history, or other fields.

What Can I Do with the Degree?

IADS is particularly useful for students wanting to enter an art- or design-related career. Some of these careers include art law, non-profit arts organization director, digital image management, gallery owner, instructional designer, visual merchandising, and auction houses operations and sales. Combining the IADS degree with a strategically chosen minor and an internship will go far toward preparing for one of these careers.

Our alumni have found exciting ways to put their IADS degrees to work. Several work in galleries and design firms, some have gone on to graduate school and one IADS alumna designs t-shirts worn by rock stars!


IADS Internship Profiles ButtonInternships are an important part of academic preparation and career readiness. IADS majors are strongly encouraged to complete at least one during their studies. Many internships are unpaid, however, which makes it difficult for students to afford. Thanks to a generous donation, IADS Open Track and Arts Management students are now eligible for up to $1800 in financial support for a one-semester unpaid internship completed as part of the IADS degree requirements or as an elective. For more information and eligibility requirements, contact

Additionally, the UNT Career Center connects with employers and will communicate internship opportunities, both on- and off-campus. More information regarding current openings for internships may be found through the UNT Career Center's website at

Check out profiles of recent interns and their work here!

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