IADS: Open Track

The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies (IADS): Open Track is the most flexible and allows students the most freedom in charting their paths through the major. This track is particularly useful for students wishing to concentrate in advertising, photojournalism, merchandising, another aspect of art or design, or a visually-oriented business.

Here are some examples: Students who intend to pursue a career in art law may pair the IADS Open Track with a minor in political science. Someone interested in art therapy may pair IADS Open Track with a psychology minor. For a career in the fashion world, put the IADS Open Track together with a minor in fashion merchandising. To work in the world of graphic design, major in IADS Open Track and minor in Strategic Communications (Advertising).

The IADS: Open Track program consists of 120 semester credit hours. All students complete the College of Visual Arts and Design Foundations program, acquiring general skills in art, design and art history. Students then select from a menu of introductory courses in specific studio art and design disciplines to gain more specific knowledge of two of these fields.

During the next stage of the degree, students take courses inside and outside the College of Visual Arts and Design. Within the college, they take a class in computer art, another in art and business, and, close to the end of their time at UNT, a research capstone class. Outside CVAD, students select from an array of classes that address images and visual communication from different perspectives. They also complete a broad selection of advanced Art History courses to gain a deeper understanding of the history of images from around the globe and the analytical tools used to study them.

As part of the 120-hour program, students complete a minor outside of the College of Visual Arts and Design. The minor is intended to complement the major degree program and offer a different perspective on the use of art and design. Students are strongly advised to choose a minor that furthers their career goals.

To declare the IADS: Open Track major, complete the degree plan application and turn it in, with your unofficial transcripts from the registrar’s office, to to Dr. Lauren Cross, Art Building, Room 212.