IADS Internship Profile: Kaylie Nessen

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Kaylie Nessen


Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising

Company you're interning with:

Kelly Wynne, a handbag company based out of Austin, TX

Favorite part of the internship:

Being able to work hands-on with the entire team on projects, including the CEO.

Something that surprised you about your internship/field:

I was surprised by how much of voice I have in projects. My bosses have really shown me how to be creative and play an important role in all of the projects we work on. They want to hear my thoughts and opinions and I have really appreciated that and have learned a lot by doing so.

Most important thing you've realized/learned during this internship:

I have realized how important of a marketing tool social media is and how necessary it is for small business to have a social media presence.

Do you feel like picking your IADS path has been helpful in preparation for this internship and your future career in the field?

Yes, I feel like the classes I have taken were all really helpful in teaching me the basics about the field of fashion. These were great to have known when coming into this internship.