IADS Internship Profile: Naomi Borrero-Flores

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Naomi Borrero-Flores


Interdisciplinary Arts and Design Studies, minor in Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations.

Company you're interning with:

I'm currently interning under the Education department at the Greater Denton Arts Council.

Favorite part of the internship:

Getting to work hands-on with the department in marketing and executing programs!

Something that surprised you about your internship/field:

How much research is involved was something I was prepared for, but what surprised me the most was the upkeep of day to day tasks like updating calendars and other necessary marketing tasks.

Most important thing you've realized/learned during this internship:

That every program will have unexpected twists and chances to use creative problem solving, but in that you can build a lot of connections talking to people and learning through that process!

Do you feel like picking your IADS path has been helpful in preparation for this internship and your future career in the field?

I certainly do feel like picking IADS has been helpful in preparing me for this internship. IADS structure was very encouraging towards gaining hands-on experience and I received nothing but helpful words and care from the department when I had questions or concerns regarding my internship or the major. I love IADS, and it allowed me to really tailor my college career towards the future I want.