2014 Tactical Robotics Symposium video documentation now available

2014 Tactical Robotics Symposium

Video footage of the Tactical Robotics Symposium that took place on October 1, 2014 is now available for viewing.

There are two videos:

  1. Tactical Robotics Symposium: Latin American Media Art at the Intersection of Pedagogy
  2. Tactical Robotics Symposium: Roundtable Discussion

Mariela Yeregui (ARG), Arcangelo Constantini (MEX), Gustavo Crembil (ARG/US), Guto Nobrega (BRA)

Paula Gaetano Adi, Adetty Perez-Miles

UNT- Incentives for Global Research Opportunities (I-GRO), sponsored by the Office of Research & Economic Development & UNT-International
CVAD’s Visiting Artist and Scholar Series
Department of Art Education and Art History
Department of Studio Art - New Media Art Program