CVAD Communication Design student project goes viral

CVAD Communication Design juniors Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro had no idea when they designed their project, “When Nuture Calls” for Mark Allen’s class that the project would soon go viral on the internet. The class project called for students to design a campaign for a social issue or product.  Taking on the apparently highly controversial topic of public breastfeeding,  the project, shown at the DVCC student award competition, was first picked up by Facebook Blogger Mama Bean Parenting

Where it was sensationally and incorrectly reported that UNT would be posting the campaign in restrooms across campus, engendering over 20,000 comments (12,000 positive, 8,000 not so positive!)  in a couple of days.. Picked up by other internet services, a corrected report featuring interviews with the faculty member, students, and models through UNT News Service arts reporter Margarita Venegas then went on to Yahoo Shine.  Read about their virtually peripatetic project on Yahoo Shine at: