CVAD students and faculty present at Texas Art Education Association Conference


The 55th Annual Texas Art Education Association's Conference will take place on November 17-19, 2016 in Dallas. The UNT College of Visual Arts & Design is proud to be represented by several students and faculty from the Department of Art Education and Art History who will be presenting at the conference.


  • Creativity Unleashed - Lucy Bartholomee


  • Museum is the Object - Kristina Elizondo
  • Roadmaps to the BFA - Denise Baxter and Elaine Pawlowicz
  • Weaving a Story with Twine - Kevin Jenkins and Adetty Pérez de Miles
  • Pique Assiette is Smashing Fun! - Liz Langdon
  • Graduate Programs in Texas - Tyson Lewis


  • Critical Reflective Practice for Art Eds. - Sarah Travis, Emily Hood, Amy Kraehe
  • Let’s Make Art Not War - Liz Langon
  • Visual Culture & the Const. of Commun. - Amber Walsh, Sam Thomas, Kevin Jenkins, Scott Peck, Adetty Pérez de Miles

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