Hybrid Forms ASTU 4230 offered Fall 2017

Hybrid Forms 4230

Hybrid Forms (ASTU 4230) will be offered again this fall in the Painting and Drawing Department. This is an upper level interdisciplinary class in which students from all disciplines can come together and make work that is experimental and generally outside the purview of their standard practices. In this class, students are offered the freedom to explore new ideas, techniques, concepts, and materials. The class has traditionally been used as an upper level elective, as well as a substitution for one of the four four-thousand level classes that studio majors need for their degree.

Traditionally, the class has been less production based than the student's normal concentration classes. Students generally concentrate on one large or in-depth idea for the entire semester, rather than a full body of work normally associated with a studio class. In addition, the class will take frequent field trips to various and relevant exhibitions and collections. Class time is generally filled with discussions about various readings on contemporary aesthetic theory and critical writing. Finally, a guest curator will visit the class.

Students taking this class are required to present their work for consideration to be in the hybrid forms show. They get hands on experience with what it's like to work with a curator and to present work that in some cases is pure conception with very little actual product to show.

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