Professor Paula Lupkin to present at Pratt Institute's Interiors Without Architecture symposium

Interiors without Architecture poster

Paula Lupkin, Assistant Professor of Design History with the Department of Art Education and Art History at University of North Texas CVAD, will present at the second annual Pratt Interior Provocations symposium.

This year's symposium theme, Interiors Without Architecture, seeks to address the broad cultural, historical, and theoretical implications of interiors beyond their conventionally defined architectural boundaries, and not limited by interior design’s traditional associations with decoration, taste, and social status.

This symposium’s intention is to encourage provocative and boundary-expanding proposals by design practitioners, historians, and theorists.

Professor Lupkin's presentation is titled "Infrastructural Interiors: Designing Spaces and Furnishings for Telegraphy in the 1920s.”

Congratulations, Professor Lupkin!

February 3, 2018

Pratt Institute
Higgins Hall
61 St James Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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