UNT Sculpture Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Mani Negarestan

UNT Sculpture and The Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village are pleased to announce the installation of four new outdoor sculptures created by students from the UNT College of Visual Arts & Design. All four works were selected by the residents and staff of Lake Forest Village from among a variety of submissions presented by the students of Alicia Eggert, Assistant Professor of Studio Art and Sculpture Program Coordinator.

The winning artists will be honored at an opening reception on Tuesday, March 28th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in the fourth floor lounge at Lake Forest Village.

The four winning artists whose work will be honored are Felicia Jordan, Mani Negarestan, Lauren Noorlag, and Emily Sides. All four works were inspired by the natural surroundings on the Lake Forest Village campus and designed to both incorporate and enhance their individual settings.

Conifer, created by senior Felicia Jordan, utilizes steel geometric shapes which drew their inspiration from pinecones found on the Lake Forest Village campus.

Senior Lauren Noorlag created Peacock to interact with the natural surroundings. The abstract welded steel sculpture includes bird houses and feeders that are placed inside for local wildlife to inhabit and to create a colorful environment for visitors. Her work is mainly centered around her relationship with God and the raw natural beauty of His creations and concepts.

Tsen-tainte, created by senior Mani Negarestan, utilizes the surrounding open space as a backdrop for his work inspired by horses. "My intention," says Negarestan, "was to create an abstract form based on a posture of a running horse and also imply movement and fluency similar to calligraphy."

Folds, created by junior Emily Sides, is a three-dimensional representation of geometric planes intersecting and creating a single geometric form. The reflective quality of the acrylic enhances the visual representation of these intersecting planes.

Tuesday, March 28th

Lake Forest Village
(fourth floor lounge)
3901 Monetico Dr
Denton, TX

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