Assoc. Professor James Thurman Recognized as 2018 Distinguished Connect Partner

James Thurman 2018 Distinguished Connect Partner

UNT Career Connect helps to engage students through action-based experiential learning in the context of communities - public or private sector - in order to develop communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

Associate Professor James Thurman (Foundations/Metalsmithing & Jewelry) at UNT's College of Visual Arts & Design has been recognized as a 2018 Distinguished Connect Partner. For the past year, James has been working with Career Connect to have more than 500 first year CVAD students in ART 1450: Design II involved in their program, which includes creating an online e-portfolio as well as working towards a Badge on their UNT Extended Transcript for Critical Thinking (an entirely new and evolving program).

The e-portfolio system allows students to collect, connect and showcase the evidence of learning from their curricular and co-curricular experiences that build these skills. The e-portfolio selection and implementation will begin in Spring/Summer 2016. Connect can be achieved in a variety of ways, meaning students can take advantage of the experiences that best suit their needs and faculty or staff can incorporate UNT Career Connect in their classroom in a variety of ways.

Thurman says, "By having so many students involved in their first year, we are hoping that they will continue to build on their e-portfolio throughout their UNT education and be able to utilize that e-portfolio as they begin their professional careers after graduation. I believe I was recognized because I got students involved in the program early in its beginnings as well as regularly involving a significant number of first-year CVAD students over the past year."
UNT CVAD congratulates James, and we thank him for taking time to support this initiative!

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