Bulletin Board Areas Coming Soon

future spot for tack board panelsWe will be working to install tack board panels above all the trash/recycling receptacles in the CVAD building.

First Floor:
Near room 156

Second Floor:
Across from rooms 250 and 262

Third Floor:
Across from rooms 351 and 362E

Fourth Floor:
Across from rooms 458, 466, and 468

Places where flyers cannot go:
On walls, doors or windows throughout the building. Any signage/flyers placed in these places will be removed and discarded.

Currently, there are directional signs on the walls near each elevator. Once the building signage is complete, we will remove that signage.

Also, there are temporary signs on the banks of lockers till next Wednesday, Sept. 5. Those will be removed as well.

Please refrain from putting posters, flyers, etc. in classrooms unless they are in your own classroom.