Studio Art Department’s Concentration in Fibers to be Discontinued

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Date: 8/15/18
From: College of Visual Arts and Design Dean Greg Watts
To: CVAD Community
Re: Studio Art department’s concentration in fibers for undergraduate and graduate degree programs

I am writing to you so that you can hear directly from me with regard to a forthcoming change within CVAD. After speaking with Professor Adelman as well as the other faculty and staff in the Fibers program, it is now appropriate for me to share this information with our entire community.

After extensive analysis and painstaking deliberation, I am announcing the decision to discontinue the Studio Art department’s concentration in fibers for undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the end of the 2018-19 academic year.

This is a complicated and challenging decision. Thus, rather than an immediate closure, phasing the concentration out over the next year enables us to advise and steward our students to help them make adjustments and complete their degree programs as appropriate.

Both Chair Lauren Lake and I have a tremendous amount of respect for everything that has been accomplished by the faculty, students and staff in our fibers concentration. It is heartbreaking to close any arts program, especially one that clearly holds an important and influential role in history across cultures and the lives of women from ancient textile and weaving arts to contemporary research and arts practice. But we cannot, in good conscience, offer a program without also being able to dedicate to it the appropriate space.

CVAD currently occupies facilities in Oak Street Hall, Welch Street Complex and Bain Hall. Each of these spaces will be reviewed for optimization through planning with UNT System. A modest budget for a new facility has been allocated to address CVAD graduate studios, ceramics and the Texas Fashion Collection. Despite this funding, a viable financial path that would enable the college to provide the needed space for the fibers concentration was not found. The year ahead will now allow CVAD to work with UNT System to reposition facilities. This will enable continued focus on our students, faculty and staff and provide them the best support possible as we move forward.

Associate Dean, Denise Baxter and Studio Arts Chair, Lauren Lake will be in the Welch Street Complex lobby on Monday, Aug. 20 and Tuesday, Aug. 21 between 5:30-6:30 to speak with Fibers Program students and answer any questions. They will additionally be meeting with students in the first fibers class meetings of the semester. Students with degree plans on file for the fibers concentration will also be contacted directly by their academic advisors in the coming days. All students with degree plans on file for a fibers concentration will be accommodated and will be able to graduate with the degree for which they have a degree plan.