Sculpture Shop Cards for Sale

Card Cost

$50 for one semester
Note: Cards are valid only for one semester.

Shop Hours

Monday-Friday: 5-9 p.m.  |  Saturday: noon-5 p.m.  |  Sunday: noon-9 p.m.


Undergraduate Student

Students who have completed Sculpture 1 & not currently enrolled in a sculpture course and needs access to the metal shop or the large woodshop equipment or any specialty equipment that is only available in the sculpture area.

Graduate Student

Graduate students who are not currently enrolled in a sculpture course or a Special Problems course with a sculpture faculty.

How to Obtain a Card

  • Take a copy of your unofficial transcript to prove you have taken Sculpture 1 (undergraduates) to the Sculpture Tool Cage Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Unofficial transcripts are available through To view your unofficial transcript, log in to myUNT and click on the Student Center.
  • Go to Room 158 in the Art Building. At the Sculpture Tool Cage, you will receive a slip to pay $50. Take the payment slip to the UNT Student Financial Services Office in the Eagle Student Services Center, First Floor, Room 105.
  • Bring your SFS-stamped "paid" payment slip back to the Sculpture Tool Cage.
  • Receive your card!