Senior Interior Design Students Win EarthX Award

Interior Design Class of 2020 EarthX 2019

Congratulations to the Interior Design Class of 2020 on winning Division III Best Overall Exhibitor's Booth at the 2019 EarthX Conference & Expo!

The group was recognized as creating an outstanding exhibitor's booth, located in the Automotive Building at Fair Park. Students were commended on sharing educational information on stimuli management, biophilic design, acoustic and thermal comfort, materials selection, modular furniture, and solar glare - all of which was considered an inspiration to those searching for sustainable design ideas.

The award will be presented at the EarthX Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 28th at 3-5pm in the Court of Honor at Fair Park.

Class of 2020 Students:

  • Rebekah Adkins
  • Zabia Alnahhas
  • Katie Branning
  • Haley Butters
  • Kelsey Carmines
  • Marium Chapa
  • Vi Dao
  • Lea Davis
  • Han Dinh
  • Hao Dinh
  • Stephanie Dunn
  • Leo Garcia
  • Taylor Garonzik
  • Haley Harvey
  • Abigail Hawkins
  • Ana Hernandez
  • Helen Jara
  • Kristen Kaiser
  • Lin Kattan
  • Michelle Lantano
  • Sara Martinez
  • Ca Nguyen
  • Hanah Patel
  • Mariah Powell
  • Briana Relland
  • Jessica Smith
  • Kyla Spivey
  • Amber Stimak
  • Nicole Toler
  • Mint Vinojar
  • Laura Vogt
  • Kayla Wilson
  • Kimberly Wohleb
  • Alan Yanez
  • Liesl Zigenhals

Faculty Participants:

  • Bill Morgan
  • Bruce Nacke
  • Dr. Phillip Park
  • Hepi Wachter

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