2017 Fiber Fest call for teachers/vendors

From the Board of DFW Fiber Fest...

DFW Fiber Fest logoWe're always gearing up for the next DFW Fiber Fest with current activities including Teacher Applications and Upcoming Vendor Applications!

April 7-9, 2017

Irving, TX

The Board of DFW Fiber Fest is now accepting submissions from teachers for our 2017 class roster. This year, we are doing class submissions at bit differently. We are asking each teacher to follow this link and to fill out a form giving us a brief personal biography. Teacher Applications Accepted Through June 30, 2016.
Teacher Biography Link

Then we ask that you fill out the following form for each class you would like to submit. We are moving in this direction to help standardize our submissions, so that the entire Board will have an easier time comparing classes. Class submissions will be accepted through June 30, 2016.
Class Submission Link

We would also like to have a promotional photo for each class submitted. These are not required, but know that it really does help the Board to see pictures showing what students will be learning in the class. You can either send individual photos or combine all your photos into one document or even convert it to a pdf file and use that. Whatever is easiest for you. Just make sure that each of the picture files is labelled so we can more easily match up photos to the classes. Once you have your chosen format down, email the photos to Joni at teachers@dfwfiberfest.org.

DFW Fiber Fest is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by volunteers. We do try to keep our teachers' fees at a fair rate and we pay all our teachers on a sliding scale based on the number of students that register for each class. Joni will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

Lynette Vierra is our new Vendor Coordinator. She's been a Board Member for the past 2 years and was able to shadow Tasha this past year during the event and learn as much as possible. To help her get started in her role and to help us get a better database for our Vendor resources, we will be requiring ALL vendors – whether you have been with us from the beginning or if you've never even applied – to submit an application along with booth pictures so Lynette will have something to present to our Jury.

We will send another newsletter specifically to our Vendor Mailing List at the time that our application is completed with dates and complete instructions. If you are at all interested in applying to be a vendor at DFW Fiber Fest 2017, please make sure we have your email address in our Vendor Database by sending an email to vendors@dfwfiberfest.org.

More Info:
Email info@dfwfiberfest.org
Visit dfwfiberfest.org