Jobs at Bell'INVITO: Press Operator and Printmaking Artist

Bell 'INVITO logoFull time Press Operator job opening

The training would start with die-cutting, branding and plate-making. More advanced letterpress training would occur once the employee is sufficient in those areas. The Press Operator applicant for Bell'INVITO is responsible for producing high quality letterpress and engraved products efficiently and within a designated schedule.

The applicant should:

  • Be highly proficient in color-matching
  • Have a strict eye for print quality
  • Be able to maintain their press(es)
  • Have a team mentality
  • Control waste and overprint
  • Be able to lift or move 35 pounds
  • Be able to stand for consistent periods of time
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be able to see detail and is detail-oriented
  • Have good hand-eye coordination

The Press Operator will be utilizing and maintaining Heidelberg Windmill, Kluge, Chandler and Price and Carver presses.

Job Location:
Dallas, TX 75207

Required Education:

Required Experience:
Press Operator for 2 years

Full time Printmaking Artist job opening

Must have:

  • 2-5 years of professional experience
  • Mechanical skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Eye for color matching

Responsibilities include:

  • Ability to perform physical tasks including, but not limited to:
  • Moving and/or lifting 35 pounds or more
  • Standing for consistent periods of time
  • Ability to govern and maintain the following:
    -Company deadlines and schedules
    -Quality control of product
    -Maintenance of studio organization and appearance
    -Reporting of inventory levels for completion of orders in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way, as determined by the Production Manager and/or Creative Director
  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
    -Maintenance of studio space functionality; ie: upholding standards of health and safety within the organization, familiarity of all inventory, equipment functionality, cleanliness, availability of needed supplies
    -Trafficking of messages and pertinent information to the timely completion of jobs to the Studio Manager
    -Compliance with set standards for reporting accurate inventory usage
  • Willingness and ability to aid the team in meeting product completion deadlines
  • Exemplary attitude and ability to work with colleagues in the studio, earning the respect of your teammates
  • Excellent ability to manage, supervise, and train Associate and intern-level printers in the standards and quality of The Company
  • General office organization and efficiency of daily workflow

More Info:
Bell'INVITO is located in the Dallas Design District
Applicants can send their resumes to