Continuing Student Scholarships

Scholarship adWho is eligible?

Students who are continuing in the College of Visual Arts and Design may apply for a scholarship!

Application Form

The online application form is now available. The form is easy to fill out if you have prepared your images/files in advance.


The deadline to submit the application is Jan. 31, 2020.



All applicants are required to write a brief (500-word maximum) biographical statement regarding his/her own art or design work, pursuits in art history, or desire to teach art. Also, the applicant should tell us something about his or her future goals as they relate to the major.


It is in your best interest to provide the extra information/samples to the scholarship committee so they may make better-informed decisions when awarding the various continuing student scholarships.

Recommended: Submit One of the Three Options

Students may choose to submit only one of the three following options.

  1. Upload an 8.5" x 11" portable document file, PDF, with thumbnail examples of six pieces of your art or design work. The PDF may not exceed 800kb in size. Read the instructions, Creating a Thumbnail Page in Adobe Photoshop, about how to create a thumbnail page.
  2. Upload a sample of your scholarly writing in PDF form. It is preferred that the subject matter for the paper be related to your major but it is not required for it to be. The PDF may not exceed 800kb in size.
  3. Upload a teaching philosophy in PDF form. The PDF may not exceed 800kb in size.

Number of Applications

You may submit only one scholarship application. You may edit/change your application by logging in to the application page with your UNT credentials—you enterprise user identification, EUID, and password. The application will be active for changes until the deadline date. The system will not allow you to submit an incomplete application and will flag any problem in red for you to address. Unfortunately, beyond the red flag, the system will not tell you what the nature of the problem is.

This application process will go much more quickly if you are able to complete the biographical statement and, if you choose, the second submission from the optional list in advance of beginning the application. If you want to submit a thumbnail sheet with six samples of artwork, but are not sure how to accomplish that, please download the instructions, Creating a Thumbnail Page in Adobe Photoshop

Contact Information

We look forward to receiving your application.

If you have any questions or continue to experience problems while making your application, please contact Jerry Aul,, CVAD senior administrative coordinator.