During the sophomore year‚ the communication design program awards several awards to students who have performed outstanding work. During the Sophomore Portfolio Review‚ faculty members review students’ work and select students whose work demonstrated excellence. Over the years‚ selected students have been awarded the following awards and scholarships:

  • Outstanding sophomore portfolio award
  • Fossil Award
  • Jack Sprague Scholarship
  • Taylor Austin Hicks Scholarship
  • Arma Armaiti Shahidi Fitzgerald and Soudabeh Baharloo Shahidi Initiative and Excellence Scholarship

Students in their junior year are also reviewed at the end of their junior year. Those with outstanding work are nominated for the following awards:

  • Launch Agency Outstanding Achievement Scholarship in Art Direction
  • Launch Agency Outstanding Achievement Scholarship in Graphic Design

Scholarships and awards may vary. Please visit the CVAD scholarship page for more information about more scholarship opportunities.