The M.F.A. in Design with concentration of Interior Design (ID M.F.A. program) at the University of North Texas (UNT) prepares students to not only meet, but to define and re-invent solutions for the fundamental challenges that impact interior design profession in an increasingly changing world.

The curricula in the M.F.A. program has been designed and are being taught to help future educators and designers develop the conceptual, aesthetic, analytical and technical skills necessary to achieve their career goals. 

At the end of the graduate program, our students should be well prepared to re-enter the profession with a specialized focus, or, if the minor in pedagogy is selected, in the field of interior design education in the university environment with identified areas of design research necessary for growth and tenure at the university level.  As the world evolves from an economic model based on the production of products to one that will require the production of ideas, our graduates will be uniquely positioned to become the kinds of leaders in research, education and project management that our new, globally interdependent economy will demand.

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