Attributes of Strong M.F.A. Candidates

Candidates for the M.F.A. program in Design with concentration of Interior Design must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • An undergraduate degree in interior design, architecture, or other closely related field
  • 2 years of professional full-time experience post bachelor’s degree education as an interior designer

Applicants with identified deficiencies in professional experience or undergraduate coursework will be required to do additional undergraduate coursework, or leveling, before being accepted into the interior design M.F.A. program.

This graduate program is designed to help people with significant professional experience as interior designers who wish to teach at the university level. We’re looking for M.F.A. candidates who want to improve their abilities to:

  • understand pedagogy for effective teaching
  • identify and develop a concentrated area of study, focusing on a specific topic in interior design and its related fields
  • expand their body of knowledge and contribute to knowledge exchange
  • demonstrate effective writing and presentation skills
  • investigate design solutions by means of research
  • review literature related to their specialty
  • comprehend appropriate research methodologies
  • analyze and synthesize new information from diverse sources
  • exercise critical thinking to create new ways of understanding
  • understand the potential impact of research on individuals, groups and society
  • build positive relationships between academia and the profession
  • work in a collaborative environment