Curricular Goals & Objectives

Curricular Goals

The curricular goals of the M.F.A. in Design with concentration of Interior Design (ID M.F.A.) are to prepare our graduate students to re-enter the profession with a specialized focus, or, if the minor in pedagogy is selected, in the field of interior design education in the university environment with identified areas of design research necessary for growth and tenure at the university level.

Curricular Objectives

The curricular objectives of ID M.F.A. program are to improve our graduates’ abilities to:

  • understand pedagogy for excellent teaching
  • understand research foundation and methodologies
  • critically review literature relevant to their research topics
  • identify and develop their research agenda
  • investigate self-elected questions by means of research
  • specialize and expand their body of knowledge
  • demonstrate effective writing and presentation skills for knowledge exchange
  • understand global impact of research on individuals, groups and society
  • work in a collaborative environment

ID M.F.A. graduates are expected to develop a research agenda, and plan a course of investigation that leads to the discovery of new insights into their chosen area of research. This graduate level investigation includes both studio work and scholarly research. In the course of the graduate program, students are required to present a comprehensive proposal of their work and proposed final problem to a faculty committee prior to approval to move into the final stage of the degree.