M.A. for Sustainability

The M.A. in Design with a Concentration in Interior Design for Sustainability (M.A. for Sustainability) was created to provide our interior design students and the design community of North Texas the opportunity to acquire expanded knowledge on green and sustainable design to enhance their professional work and careers. Although the UNT Interior Design program has integrated this important subject across our curriculum for many years, this M.A. degree will add significant competency and applicable skills for those who choose to complete the degree.

The inclusion of this important knowledge is widely supported in all accredited Interior Design programs, but there are few programs specifically focusing on the subject in this region. It is our goal that the graduates of this program will develop sustainable projects and plan courses of investigation that lead to the discovery of new insights into sustainable built environments.

While the program starts in fall 2015 with a group of 10 seniors, we fully expect that this number will increase as the professional design community discovers the program and seeks to enroll.

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Program Description

The M.A. for Sustainability in the Department of Design at UNT prepares students to not only study, but to define and re-invent solutions for the fundamental challenges that impact the interior design profession in an increasingly changing world. The M.A. for Sustainability is a Grad Track Degree Program at UNT. The Grad Track refers to an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program designed to allow highly successful undergraduate students to use graduate courses taken as an undergraduate to apply towards both the graduate and undergraduate degrees.

The program is also designed for candidates from practice interested in enhancing their knowledge in sustainable design or to assist entry-level graduate candidates in formulating a research agenda to allow them to continue in the M.F.A. in Design with a Concentration in Interior Design. This program is also designed for recently graduates and design professionals who wish to develop in-depth knowledge or specific skills in sustainability.

Most of graduate courses for the M.A. for Sustainability will be offered in the Design Research Collaborative (DRC) in downtown Dallas, 1901 Main Street, based on course availability and scheduling. The DRC location will provide convenient access to the program for regional professional design community. Since the M.A. for Sustainability program is located in a vital and prosperous region with an active design community and industry professionals are available and willing to provide support, providing more opportunities to expose and integrate the graduate students with the regional professional community through collaborative projects will be an excellent benefit.

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The M.A. for Sustainability program offers holistic learning processes of interior design with an emphasis on sustainability. The program strives to nurture and advance interior designers’ professional design knowledge and skills in sustainable design. The program strengthens and supports the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in competent interior design practice while providing the profound exploration of sustainable design. This includes proficiencies that address sustainable project management practices, research methods, problem solving, critical thinking, graphic and written communication, ethics, and social responsibility.