Graduate Studies - Sculpture

The MFA program in Sculpture at the University of North Texas is accepting applications to begin course work in Fall 2017.

 *Deadline for Priority Consideration is January 5, 2017* (for enrolling in Fall 2017)

Late applications will be reviewed for acceptance until mid-February, but with fewer opportunities for Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships. Please contact the Sculpture Area Coordinator, Alicia Eggert (, for more details about the Sculpture program or to set up a tour of the sculpture studios.

Recent Graduate Work


Graduate Study in Sculpture at the University of North Texas offers a broad and intensive experience for serious artists engaging in both traditional and contemporary sculptural processes. Graduate students are encouraged to develop their technical proficiency and to engage in a critical and analytical dialogue about their work. Graduate students are asked to consider how their artwork contributes to the extraordinarily diverse and ever-expanding field of contemporary sculpture.

The Sculpture area averages between four and six MFA graduate candidates and twenty BFA undergraduates from a variety of artistic and geographic backgrounds. MFA candidates develop conceptual, formal and technical interests through guided studio practice, critique and community engagement. Candidates build professional experience by participating in exhibitions, conducting studio visits with visiting artists and curators, and attending conferences and workshops. The College of Visual Art and Design hosts many national and world-renowned visiting artists in all disciplines. Recent distinguished artists that have visited our campus include Sarah Sze, Kiki Smith, and Ann Hamilton.

The College of Visual Arts and Design graduate programs strive to help students develop the competencies necessary for effective leadership roles in art. MFA graduates go on to be practicing artists, college teachers, administrators and researchers. Towards this aim, the resources of the entire school, university, and region are available. The City of Denton has a deep and longstanding appreciation for the arts, and its historic Town Square is the hub of a thriving art  and music scene. The surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth areas offer world-class art museums, a vibrant contemporary art gallery scene, and many other cultural activities.


The graduate student’s major professor helps them plan a program of study that meets individual interests, needs, and professional goals. Each course counts as 3 credit hours, and the candidate must earn a minimum of 60 hours for the MFA degree. All courses must be at the 5000-level. Most students earn their MFA degrees in three years.


  • Studio Art - 30 hours (10 classes, 8 of which must be in Sculpture)
  • Art History - 9 hours (3 classes)
  • Electives - 12 hours (4 classes, can be in or outside CVAD)
  • Professional Practices - 3 hours (ASTU 5010)
  • Creative Project - 3 hours (ASTU 5015)
  • MFA Exhibition - 3 hours (ASTU 5020)

You can download a PDF of our MFA in Studio Art Procedures Manual here:

Federation of North Texas Area Universities

The Federation of North Texas Area Universities enables the sharing of resources between the University of North Texas at Denton (UNT), Texas Woman's University at Denton and Texas A&M University-Commerce. This special agreement allows students to expand their course offerings while receiving credit and paying tuition at UNT. Graduate students may cross-register graduate level courses at TWU or A&M-Commerce that are being used toward their current degree program. Students must have the approval of their department and verify that TWU and/or A&M-Commerce does not have restrictions on the course.

More information about the Federation can be found here.




Sculpture Graduate students have exclusive access to a dedicated Graduate Sculpture Studio in Hickory Hall that has a shared work area and four to six semi-private studios. When preferred, private, unfurnished studio spaces are available in Oak Street Hall. Sculpture graduate students also have priority access to the CVAD Sculpture Shop in the main Art building. The shop is large and well-equipped, with a full indoor wood shop, a large outdoor metal fabrication area and a foundry. The Sculpture Shop is adjacent to the CVAD Digital Fabrication Lab, which is equipped with various 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, and a CNC plasma cutter. The CVAD Digital Printing Lab, which offers free 3D printing and large-scale digital printing services, is also located in the main Art building. Below is a list of all the tools available in the sculpture areas.

Graduate Sculpture Studio (Hickory Hall)

  • Miller 375 Plasma Cutter
  • Miller 200 MIG welder
  • Miller 180 TIG Welder
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding Cart
  • Delta Drill Press
  • Delta 14” Band Saw
  • Dewalt 8 ½“ Miter Saw
  • Rockwell 10” Table Saw and Router Table
  • Delta Combo 12”disc / 6” belt Sander
  • Single station Sand Blaster
  • Delta Dust Collector
  • Cobalt Shop-Vac


CVAD Sculpture Shop (Main Art Building)

  • Sawstop 10” Table Saw (2)
  • Stephen Bader Sander
  • Dewalt 12”  Miter/Radial Arm Saw
  • Delta combo 12”disc / 6” belt sander
  • Powermatic 18” Planer
  • Delta Hollow Chisel Mortiser
  • Dewalt 10” Miter Saw
  • Powermatic Variable speed Drill Press
  • Grizzly 8” Jointer
  • Delta 12” Radial Arm Saw
  • Grizzly Spindle Sander
  • Delta 42” Wood Lathe
  • General International Scroll Saw
  • Powermatic Edge Sander
  • Rikon 24” Lathe
  • Ryobi Bench Grinder
  • Crescent 36” Band Saw
  • National 52” Sheet Metal Sheer
  • Miller 200 MIG Welder
  • Miller 212 Autoset MIG welder(2)
  • Miller 175 MIG Welder (2)
  • Miller 375 Plasma Cutter (3)
  • Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter (2)
  • Dayton 6” Bench Grinder
  • Miller 180 TIG Welder
  • Miller 300 TIG Welder
  • Grizzly Mill/Lathe combo
  • Delta Dust Collector
  • Grizzly 14” Band Saw
  • Ryobi Bench Drill Press
  • Wax Pots (2)
  • Slurry Mixer
  • Silica Sand Boxes (2)
  • Bosch Panel Saw
  • Dewalt 10” Miter Saw
  • Grizzly 14” Band Saw
  • Paragon Electric Kiln
  • Grizzly Shaper Table
  • Olympic Electric Kiln
  • Yale Forklift
  • Skat Blast Dual Station Sandblaster
  • Swest Electric Kiln/Vacuum Caster


You are encouraged to apply for Area Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships when you apply to the MFA program. Graduate students may hold up to two assistantships or fellowships per semester, and each teaching appointment will pay a stipend to fund your education. Each position is considered a 10 hours/week time commitment. Most graduate students are offered a 1/2 time appointment (two positions per semester) from among the following options. Visit this link for more information:

Area Assistantships

The Graduate Area Assistantship is a non-teaching position that allows new graduate students to gain experience in their field while earning a stipend to support their education. Area Assistantships are offered in the Sculpture Shop, the UNT Gallery, Core Drawing, Core Design, and the CVAD Fab Lab. Please contact the Sculpture Area Coordinator for advising on which positions would be most suitable for you.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students may gain valuable teaching experience by holding positions as Teaching Assistants. Teaching Assistantships allow graduate students to teach classes in the Core program: Drawing I, Drawing II, Design I, or Design II. Please contact the Sculpture Area Coordinator for advising on which positions would be most suitable for you.

Teaching Fellowship Opportunities

During their third year, graduate students may apply for Teaching Fellowships in the Sculpture area that allow them to teach Sculpture I. Teaching Fellowships provide a great opportunity to gain teaching experience at the college level, as Fellows are considered the Instructor of Record for those courses.

Tuition Benefits Program (TBP)

Graduate students that are enrolled in 9 credit hours (3 courses) and hold a 1/2 time appointment (two assistantship or fellowship positions) qualify for the Tuition Benefits Program. With the TBP, the graduate school waives 2/3 of your tuition and any mandatory fees per semester. The remaining 1/3 of your tuition can be paid at in-state tuition rates. Stipends received from the 1/2 time appointments are ample enough to cover those tuition fees, with some funds remaining to help cover material purchases or living expenses. More information about the TBP can be found here:

Academic Achievement Scholarship (AAS)
You are encouraged to apply for a $1,000 Academic Achievement Scholarship when you apply to the MFA program. Please visit this link for the application:


The full application procedures can be found on our main Graduate Studies page.


Student accomplishments

Kyle Mitchell

Studio Art

Studio Art

Alumni accomplishments

Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary features cover artwork by Houston contemporary artist Howard Sherman

Artwork titled “Sportsmanship is for Suckers” by Houston contemporary artist Howard Sherman (UNT - MFA Drawing & Painting, 2006) featured on cover of Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary, released on Dec 1, 2014 by Fresco Books.

Studio Art
Drawing and Painting

Artwork titled “Sportsmanship is for Suckers” by Houston contemporary artist Howard Sherman (UNT - MFA Drawing & Painting, 2006) featured on cover of Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary, released on Dec 1, 2014 by Fresco Books.