Liz Trosper


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Liz Trosper is an artist, educator, writer, and curator living and working in Dallas, Texas. She has an MFA from UT Dallas and was a grad-resident at CentralTrak: The UT Dallas Artist’s Residency from 2013-2015. Trosper’s artwork is represented by Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, and her work has been shown in art spaces such as The Wilcox Space, Bernice Coulter Templeton Gallery at Texas Wesleyan University, CentralTrak, The Dallas Contemporary, Lawndale Art Center, Richland College, UT Dallas, Academic Gallery in New York and many other galleries and exhibition spaces. Trosper’s creative scholarship is driven by the questions: What is a painting? How are paintings made? How does contemporary painting operate? How is new technology impacting painting -- what it is and what it can accomplish? And, importantly: How can painting be a fielding ground for greater equality?