Ruth West

xREZ Art + Science Lab

Job Overview: 
Research, creative work and teaching that combines emerging technologies with the arts, information, visualization, sonification, human-computer interaction, and digital remix culture.
Contact Information
ART 125D
Areas of Expertise: 
Interdisciplinary research and collaboration, emerging technologies, new media art, visualization, sonification, human-computer interaction.

Working with emerging technologies Ruth creates resonant connections between art and science. Her work envisions a future in which art-science integration opens new portals of imagination, invention, knowledge, and communication across cultures to create solutions for our most pressing global problems. Bridging high-dimensional data and metadata, information visualization and sonificaiton, immersive environments, and social and mobile participatory media with domains such as urban ecology, neuroscience, genomics, astronomy, and digital remix culture, she explores avenues for achieving works with multiple entry points that can exist concurrently as aesthetic experiences, artistic practice or cultural interventions and serve as the basis for artistically-impelled scientific inquiry and tools. Her work has been presented or featured in SIGGRAPH, WIRED Magazine’s NextFest, UCLA Fowler Museum, CAA, Ingenuity Festival Cleveland, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, FILE 09 Sao Paulo, IEEE VR, Mobisys, SPIE, IEEE ICIP, the American Journal of Human Genetics, Genomics, Leonardo, LEA, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, NPR's The Connection, NY Times, Genome News Network, AMINIMA and Artweek.