Valerie Hancock

Visual Arts Technician

Job Overview: 
Maintains the ceramics facility and teaches beginning and intermediate ceramics classes.
Contact Information
OSH 130

Valerie received her BFA in Ceramics and Photography from the University of Oklahoma and her MFA from the University of North Texas. Her functional pottery is inspired by cooking, baking and serving food, and the bonds that are created between family and friends during mealtime. The way that her altered forms displace the liquid and food out of the round and into unique and individual shapes interests her in the same way that an instillation artist might be interested in forcing the viewer to move about a space in a particular fashion, causing them to be consciously aware of the situation and space they are in.

Valerie is currently the Ceramics Lab Technician, an Adjunct Instructor and the Clay Guild’s Faculty Advisor at the University of North Texas, where she maintains the ceramics facility and keeps a studio.