The UNT Ceramics Program, while primarily oriented around the functional vessel, recognizes and encourages a wide variety of approaches to clay, including sculptural and conceptual pursuits. Our resources are here to assist the student in reaching his or her personal direction in clay. We believe in exposing students to professionalism through our own creative efforts, exhibitions, and visiting artists.

The ceramics area familiarizes students with the terminology of the field, and teaches use of the ceramic equipment. Students are expected to achieve an acceptable level of mastery of a number of skills including clay construction, object decoration and kiln firing.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics is designed to assist the undergraduate student in achieving excellence in his or her personal direction in the medium, both conceptually and technically. Early emphasis is placed on a common foundation in basic fabrication and decorating techniques and is followed by opportunities to expand those skills in upper level courses. 

A Ceramics BFA will prepare you for success in graduate school, employment within a ceramic studio or self-employment in a ceramic production business.  The Master of Fine Arts degree would also open up teaching opportunities at the college and university level.

Located in Oak Street Hall, the UNT Ceramics facility is expansive.

We offer over 4,500 square feet of undergraduate lab space that includes 32 electric wheels and 13 handbuilding tables. 

We also house:

  • 10 Electric Kilns
  • 3 Extruders
  • 3 Slab Rollers
  • 3 Pug Mills
  • 3 Clay Mixers
  • and a Spray Booth

Our 10,000 square foot fenced concrete work yard includes:

  • 1 Wood/Salt Kiln
  • 2 Soda Kilns
  • 1 Barrel Arch Wood Kiln
  • 2,000 square foot covered kiln dock with:
    • 11 Updraft Gas Kilns
    • 2 Raku kilns

The Ceramics facility also offers private studios for our Graduate Students. 

See what’s going on with the Ceramics program through the UNT Ceramics Department and the UNT Clay Guild Facebook pages.  Also visit the Studio Arts Department groups on Facebook: UNT Studio Art: Current and Former and UNT Department of Studio Art.

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