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MFA in Studio Art

Download a pdf copy of our MFA in Studio Art handbook here.

We serve our students by focusing on their intellectual and creative growth, fostering student’s practice, and preparing them for lifetimes of accomplishment and meaningful contribution as culture creators. The program frames the individual needs of each student through the development of conceptual, aesthetic, and technical skills. While in the College of Visual Arts and Design, students participate in ideas and practices across disciplines while engaging in the critical practice of the fine artist. Housed in a world-class Tier 1 research institute, CVAD is a short drive from the vibrant cultural and art capitals of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Our graduate programs are led by engaged artists and educators who are recognized nationally and internationally for their intellectual and creative research. The studio art faculty are passionate and work tirelessly to ensure that students realize their potential.

The Department of Studio Art offers a 60 credit-hour Master of Fine Arts degree in seven areas of specialization: Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Metalsmithing and Jewelry, New Media Arts, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. 

For our current students, please go to our Studio Graduate Resources page. For potential students, please continue on this page.

This is our most recent MFA Exhibition Catalog from our 2018-2019 MFA graduates.


Amie Adelman | Eliza AuMartin Back | Laura Beard | Matthew Bourbon | Jim Burton | Brian Scott CampbellAndrew DeCaen | Dornith Doherty | Alicia EggertAna Esteve Llorens | Christian FagerlundLari Gibbons | Mary JohnsonLiss LaFleur | Lauren Lake | Annette LawrenceAna LopezPaho Mann | Christopher MeerdoBrooks Oliver | Alyson PackerElaine PawlowiczO. Gustavo Plascencia | James Thurman | Liz Trosper 


Visiting artists, scholars, and critics are an integral part of our program’s pedagogy. Students gain direct exposure to national and internationally known artists and scholars through lectures, private studio visits, critiques, seminars, and demonstrations, which help them expand their practice into new territories. Recent visiting artists include: Magdalena Abakanowicz   Dauvit Alexander   Tsuyoshi Anzai   Be Another Lab   Marion Belanger Katie Bell  Alexandra Birchler  Erika Blumenfeld ● Clarissa Bonet ● Louis Cameron ● Annette Carlozzi ● Valerie Cassel ● Nick Cave ● Chika  Mappathon ● Lia Cook ● Kyle deCamp ● Dan Dicaprio ● Mark Dion ● Jill Downen ● Natasha Egan ● Catherine Ellis ● Jeff Elrod ● Asya Geisberg ● Dorothy Gill-Barnes ● Susan Goethel-Campbell ● Leamon Greene ● Gary Griffin ● Ann Hamilton ● Trenton Doyle Hancock ● Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds ● Ana Lisa Hedstrom ● Anna Hepler ● Dave Hickey ● Pat Hickman ● Teresa Hubbard ● Benito Huerta ● Sophie Khan ● Mark Klett ● Andrew Kubeck ● Lady Tech Guild ● Derek Larson ● Tim Lazure ● Sharon Louden ● Whitfield Lovell ● Mary Ellen Mark ● David McGee ● Frances Adair McKenzie ● Robyn O’Neil ● Richard Patterson ● Sondra Perry ● John Pomara ● Chris Ramsay ● Alan Reid ● Lee Renninger ● Matthew Ritchie ● Dario Robleto ● Lauren Ross ● H Schnenck ● Jean Shin ● Kiki Smith ● Matthew Sontheimer ● Laura Splan ● Sarah Sze ● Demitra Thomloudis ● Jennifer Townsend ● Penelope Umbrico ● Fred Wilson ● Martha Wilson ● Bhakti Ziek


February 1 for fall enrollment.

For questions about specific concentrations or to arrange a tour, please contact the current program coordinator for the area:

Complete both of the following steps in advance of the annual deadline.

STEP 1: Application to the Toulouse Graduate School (940-565-2383)

Apply through the Toulouse Graduate School at Submit application fee and official transcripts from all schools attended to their office. If the minimum GPA requirements are met, the packet will be forwarded to our department for review. You must meet the admission requirements of the Toulouse Graduate School, including a minimum GPA of 3.0 on Bachelor’s (if applying without a Master’s degree).

After being accepted by the Toulouse Graduate School, your application packet will be sent to the Department of Studio Art for further review.  Please note that admission to the MFA in Studio Art is not guaranteed because you are accepted by the Toulouse Graduate School.  Admission to the graduate program in studio art is not determined by any single criterion but on the decision by the faculty members in the department based on all the materials and information submitted.

Send transcripts to the graduate school:

By U.S. Postal Service:
Graduate School
1155 Union Circle #305459
Denton, TX 76203-5017

By UPS/FedEx:
Graduate School
1147 Union Circle, ESSC 354
Denton, TX 76203-5459


STEP 2: Application to the Department of Studio Art (phone 940-369-7671 or email

Address items 1-5 online via our Slideroom portal.

  1. Portfolio of artwork—This should be 15-20 images of your recent work.  Label each image with your name, title, medium, size, and date; or include an image list with this information.
  2. Artist Statement—A brief statement addressing the artwork submitted.
  3. Statement of Intent—A brief statement about why you are interested in attending graduate school and a declaration of your intended concentration in art. 
  4. Resume—Your resume should include relevant professional experience and an exhibition record if you have one.
  5. Two letters of recommendation—Applicants are required to provide contact information for a minimum of two (2) recommenders with their application materials in Slideroom. Your recommenders will receive an email from Slideroom to enter their recommendation.
  6. TA/TF Application—This form is now online, and the this is the link to the form.
  7. Scholarships—Apply online at the Toulouse Graduate School and CVAD website for graduate scholarships.


The faculty are looking for portfolios that demonstrate the skills and focus necessary to be successful at the highly-independent graduate level. Portfolio work should be clearly photographed images of your work of adequate resolution to be viewed via SlideRoom. They should show your most recent work and including close-ups is recommended but not required.

When submitting images, provide appropriate metadata/additional details about each work in the blanks provided on JPG or PNG files preferred. PowerPoint slideshows are acceptable, as are video files. All required documents (resume, artist statement, letter of intent) should be in PDF format and included with your media upload.

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to call 940-369-7671 or email for more information or talk to the faculty. A complete faculty listing is available here. x